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What are the type of dental implants?

Endosteal Implant / Subperiosteal Implant

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful and charming smile. The setting of teeth of a person is one of the main aspects of his or her beauty and almost everyone wishes to have a sparkly smile with properly set teeth. And if any of the teeth goes missing from the jawline due to various reasons then it is definitely a matter of concern. And for this reason then one has to visit the Dentist in order to get satisfactory help.

Dental Implants are delicate to handle and more difficult to carry out. The doctor has to be skilled enough in order to carry out a perfect dental implant. It is completely on the work experience of the dentist that the patient relies on. Faulty implant activity may give rise to a plethora of associated Denture problems which includes a change in facial appearance, defective smile, Pain on Chewing, tasting the food and even talking. Hence one has to be pretty careful while completing the task. Well, there are mainly two types of dental implants that can be performed in the jawline of a human. They are:

Endosteal Implant New Delhi


Endosteal Implants 

These types of dental implanting way includes implanting the tooth directly into the jawbone with the help of a small surgery. The post or metallic cylinder is placed into the gum and then left for some months for it to heal completely and the jaw bones to surrounding the titanium cylinder. And when the tissue surrounding the gum has healed, the second part of the implantation surgery is performed which includes bridging. This is done to connect the post to the implant which is original. Then comes the third and the final part of the process which is placing an artificial tooth or teeth and attaching it to the metallic cylinder directly or sometimes grouped on a Bridge.

Subperiosteal Implants 

These types of dental implanting way include fixing of a metal frame into the jawbone and just below the gum tissue. This again might take up considerable time and when the healing process of the gums completes, the metallic frame fixes to the jawbone properly. Then the third step includes the observation of the fact that the metallic posts, which are attached to the frame are protruding through the gums or not. If they are protruding then it is the ideal time to mount the artificial teeth to the posts. This is what the process includes.

Apart from an implantation surgery, a person should maintain the basic oral hygiene i.e. to brush the teeth twice a day and properly floss the teeth, avoid smoking and should avoid chewing the food very hard. Dental implants are available in different shapes and sizes. So whether it is a narrow gap or a wide one, opt for a dental implant and get back the best smile that you once had. The process is pretty cost friendly but an expert is needed to perform the task properly. So get your check up done now at Crystal Dental Centre, New Delhi, India and take expert advice from you’re best dentists.






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