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What are dental implants?

 Dental Implants or Tooth Implants

Are you one of those many people who has already tried several remedies but still suffering from tooth decay? Are you suffering from several periodontal diseases? Then why don’t you try out Dental Implants? Dental implants or tooth implants are those miraculous saviours that are positioned surgically in the jawbone of the patient just beneath the gums. Once the dental implants are placed in the right position, your new teeth are put on top of them. With these tooth implants, your artificial teeth will receive a good foundation and thus become more stable. At Crystal Dental Centre, New Delhi you will get the best and different Types of Dental Implants in Delhi, India.

dental implants in new delhi, India

How are dental implants placed?

The implant is firstly positioned and placed in the socket where you have lost a teeth. This tooth root implant is made of titanium. With time, the jawbone heals. Along with this healing procedure, the jawbone tends to grow surrounding this metal post. This makes the metal post secure in the jaw. But this entire process will take time, maybe even up to 12 weeks. But when the post is well secured in the jawbone, another post called abutment is placed which acts as a connector. Its purpose is to hold the new tooth. The Replacement Tooth is placed in that socked and securely placed with the help of the abutment.

dental implants in new delhi, india

Our teeth are designed to last a lifetime. However, due to some reasons, damage does occur, mainly from a deep cavity or maybe some kind of injury that resulted in the tooth to crack. As a result, the inside of the tooth gets infected. This infection is a major cause for the pulp of the tooth to get damaged, along with the network of blood vessels and the nerves that are connected to it. If this condition is left untreated this infection tends to damage the bone around the tooth and creates swelling and unbearable pain. When this damaged tooth gets infected, the treatment or the procedure that a dentist or a Dental Specialist follows is known as Root Canal Therapy, in order to save it.


Why should you get dental implants?

Dental implants have a lot of advantages. If you are not aware of them, then read on to find out.

    1. One of the main advantages of dental implants is that they have the capability to fuse with the underlying bone. This makes your teeth looker more aesthetically appealing.
    2. Most often you will see people mumbling after getting their new dental fixtures. But at Crystal Dental Care, India you will get the best dental implants which will ensure that your teeth do not fall out when you speak. Thus, you will be able to speak clearly even with your artificial teeth on.
    3. People often face difficulty in chewing their food properly when they have their Dentures on. But with dental implants, you can eat your favourite food items no matter how much you have to chew them. Chewing will never pose any problem as long as you have the dental implants as they function exactly like your natural teeth.
    4. Dental implants are way more durable than dentures.
    5. With the dental implants, you can smile without any second thought and pose in front of the camera. Thus, you will get back your lost confidence.
    6. If you feel embarrassed in removing dentures in front of everyone, then just get rid of the problem of removing anything. Dental implants are connected to your bone and so you don’t need to remove them and save yourself from embarrassment.

Why choose Crystal Dental Care?

At Crystal Dental Care, Delhi we love to see our patients smile. So, we take all measures to gift them with a beautiful smile and one of those methods are dental implants. We will design the best tooth implant treatment plan for you and give the apt solution to your problem. We take pride in our atmosphere and quality of treatment along with providing affordable and low cost dental implants in India.

Based on Google Map We have 4.8 Ratings and 36 Reviews that shows our Quality and Customer Satisfaction. So don't wait enquire or contact us for your dental problems. 



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