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Dentures / Partial Dentures

Have you lost all of your teeth and feeling embarrassed because of it? Don’t worry because that is what dentures are here for. Losing all natural teeth is not anything uncommon. It can happen to anyone. Sometimes it happens due to Gum Diseases whereas sometimes it happens due to age. No matter what the reason is you can always get yourself a new set of teeth that are replaceable and this replaceable pair is known by the name of dentures. Crystal Dental Centre, New Delhi can help you to get the perfect dentures with the help of which you can not only smile like before but also chew your food perfectly.


What are the types of dentures?

The types of dentures are explained below:

  1. Conventional Full Denture: A full denture is suggested by a dentist when you have lost all teeth or you have removed the remaining ones. The denture is used only when all of your tissues have completely healed. But this healing procedure differs from person to person and you can alter your diet in such a way that the healing process is made to occur faster. But at an average the healing usually takes one to two months and during that span of time, you will have to stay completely without any teeth.

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  • Immediate Full Denture: As you can understand from the name, an immediate full denture can be put immediately after you have lost all your teeth or you have got them removed. The measurements are usually taken beforehand, But with these dentures, you will have to come for check-ups periodically as the dentures need to be relined. The reason behind this relining is that during the process of healing, the bones change and so you cannot continue with the same old pair of dentures. If you do not go for checkups, your dentures will become loose.
  • Partial Denture: These dentures are not directly put on your gum. Instead they are attached with the help of a metal framework and these frameworks are attached to your natural teeth. At other times, the anchoring work is also done by Crowns which are placed on top of the natural teeth. These dentures are a very good alternative to Bridges as these are removable.

What should you remember while handling dentures?

  1. Don’t let your dentures fall from your hand as they may break.
  2. When you are not using your dentures, don’t just keep them somewhere. You must keep them immersed in normal water otherwise they will become dry and cannot be used.
  3. You must brush your dentures in a regular manner just like you brushed your teeth. This will keep them clean.
  4. Wearing dentures doesn’t mean you won’t brush your gums or your palate. You need to do that every morning to ensure a good oral health.

Why go to Crystal Dental Centre?

Crystal Dental Centre Delhi, India ensures its patient’s satisfaction above everything else. Our doctors will advise you on how you should maintain your dentures. Apart from setting dentures, you will get all other types of Dental Care Services from the best professional staff at Crystal Dental Centre.


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