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Dental Crown / Tooth Crown / Tooth Cap

A dental crown or tooth crown is like a cap for the tooth. It is shaped exactly like the tooth. Now, you must be wondering why this cap is used. Well, the main purpose of the crown is to restore the original shape of the tooth and give it some strength along with improving its appearance. So, the crown basically acts as a tooth cap that is completely or partially damaged.


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 Why do you need a dental crown?

Now that you know what a crown is, you must also know when a crown is recommended by a dentist.

    1. If you have any of your tooth weaker from the others or the tooth has symptoms of breaking down or disintegrating, then you can opt for a crown. A crown will hold together the entire tooth.
    2. When you want a cover a filling that is considerably large, a crown is the best option you have.
    3. If your tooth has already broken down or you want to restore a disintegrated tooth, a crown can help you do so.
    4. If you want to cover a Dental Implant, then too a crown can be of immense importance.
    5. Crowns are equally important in the field of cosmetic modifications.
    6. If you have a tooth that has undergone considerable discoloration, a crown can help you hide it.
    7. A crown is also advised by a dentist to keep a Dental Bridge in its position.
    8. Crowns are recommended in children too, especially when they do not have the habit of maintaining a proper oral hygiene, and their tooth have a tendency of decaying.

How is a dental crown put?


dental tooth crown new delhi, india

Before putting the crown to its position, there are a lot of other steps that needs to be done to ensure that the crown sits perfectly in position. Firstly, you will be administered with a local anesthetic. To ensure that the crown fits perfectly and finds room for itself, the dentist files the original tooth that is being restored. Then to get a custom made fit, an impression is taken of the tooth to be restored and the surrounding teeth from which a temporary crown is made. Then using restorative material and with the help of the impression, the crown is made. The main aim of the temporary crown is to protect the damaged tooth until you get the permanent crown. Because of this temporary crown, the final crown will fit you exactly and will appear as a tailor-made fit only for you. However, the temporary and final crown are not alike in color and the final crown is way better than the former one. When you will visit the dentist for the next time, your temporary crown will be taken off and you will be given the permanent crown. After checking whether the crown is in place or not, the dentist will cement it into place.

Zirconia Crowns

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 zirconia crown delhi, india


Why go to Crystal Dental Care?

So, if you have a damaged tooth, then come to Crystal Dental Care New Delhi, India at once and our dentists will take care of the rest. You definitely wouldn’t want to lose your tooth completely, would you? That is what the tooth crown does. It will protect your damaged tooth and hold it in place.



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