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Zirconia Crowns

What Is a Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia crowns are one of the best options , when one requires a cap/crown for tooth. Zirconia is a metal belonging to titanium family and can be found in our dinnerware and electrical fixtures. It is well known for its durability. Considering the durability of the metal, it is being used, now days in Dental Crowns, especially posterior crowns which require strength for chewing and grinding food. This metal will be originally supplied to dental offices as blocks. They will further mile it to the shape of tooth with the help of a computer cutting machine. After fitting this will be cemented in the patient’s mouth. Rather than the traditional cap, this procedure can be completed in a single appointment and hence it is widely used.

zirconia crown in new delhi, india


What are the Conditions When a Crown is Suggested ?

    1. Weaker tooth with symptoms of breaking down or disintegrating

    2. When a tooth requires large cover filling

    3. If a tooth is already broken down or in need of restoration, in the case of a disintegrated tooth.

    4. To cover a Dental Implant,

    5. For cosmetic modifications.

    6. For the tooth with considerable discoloration.

    7. To keep a Dental Bridge in its position.

    8. Suggested for Children when reported with poor oral hygiene habit

What are the procedures for fixing Zirconia Crown:

One of the main advantage, while opting for Zirconia crown is that the procedure is easy, unlike the traditional ones. However the procedure can be described as follows:

  1. Before Procedure: Dentist evaluates the condition and makes an impression of the existing crown. The impression can be used a prototype for the new.

  2. Preparing the tooth: Minor preparations or adjustments may be given to the tooth. Sometimes a temporary crown may be attached.

  3. Placing the new crown: Generally it is done in a week after the first visit

  4. End Result: The end result is the new tooth which blends in perfect with others.

zirconia crown new delhi, india

Why go to Crystal Dental Care?

So, if you have a damaged tooth, then come to Crystal Dental Care Centre New Delhi, India at once and our dentists will take care of the rest. You definitely wouldn’t want to lose your tooth completely, would you? That is what the tooth crown does. It will protect your damaged tooth and hold it in place



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