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Dental Bridges are another form of theprosthetic device just like Crowns and their main objective is to cover a space or gap between teeth. Are you embarrassed by the space that is formed in between your teeth when a tooth falls? But you will be happy to know that you can overcome those spaces and gaps with bridges used for teeth gap treatment in new delhi. For bridges to stay in place, they are cemented either to the Implants, if any, or the natural teeth. With bridges, you can not only get an enhanced aesthetic look but they can also provide support to your existing teeth and Crystal Dental Care is the best place from where you can get your dental bridges. Read on to find more about them.

dental bridges in new delhi

What are the types of dental bridges that are available?

There are four types of dental bridges that you can opt for depending on your need.

  1. Traditional Dental Bridges: These bridges are the ones that everyone sought for. They are usually kept in position by dental crowns and have multiple points. The crowns that place these bridges into place are known as abutments. These bridges are recommended by doctors when you have one tooth missing but on both adjacent sides of that gap, you have your natural teeth present. If you are thinking that with bridges you cannot replace your molars, then you are completely wrong as bridges are strong enough to do that. These bridges are usually made of porcelain that is fused to ceramics or metal.
  2. Cantilever Bridges: These types of bridges are similar to traditional dental bridges in many ways except for the fact that they can be used even when you have natural tooth only on one side.
  3. Maryland Bonded Bridges: The pontic of these bridges are secured in their position by a framework made up of porcelain or metal. These frameworks are then used to bond to the back region of the neighbouring teeth of the missing gap. In this type of bridge, there is no need of filing the adjacent teeth as crowns are not used in holding them in place.
  4. Implant Supported Bridges: The only difference between this type of bridge and the others is that no framework or crowns are used to keep the bridge in place. As the name suggests, these bridges are kept in place with the help of dental implants.

What are the advantages of dental bridges?

  1. With the help of dental bridges, you can smile confidently like before.
  2. You can chew normally and you will no longer face any problems with speaking.
  3. The force that is exerted by a bite will be distributed evenly once you replace the gap by a dental bridge.
  4. When you fill the gap with a dental bridge, it will stop other teeth from being out of shape and shifting their position.

Why go to Crystal Dental Care for dental bridge?

The entire team of professionals at Crystal Dental Centre have only one aim and that is to provide its patients with a standard care and quality services when it comes to dental care. We, at Crystal Dental Care, will put in all our effort to meet your expectations for best teeth gap treatment in new delhi at afforadable dental service cost in india.



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