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Tooth Replacement Options

In order to get one’s precious smile back, it is often seen that people all over the world opt for teeth replacement surgeries. This surgery is a small but a crucial one and is a part of the maxillofacial sector. The implantation basically includes replacing a tooth or some teeth and even sometimes the hollow of an absent tooth with a cylindrical post-like structure and then adding an artificial tooth or teeth in that place. There are several procedures that are supposed to be undergone, in order to get a real looking and corrected smile back. But, the main reason for the implantation being done is to provide a Bridge or a support to the artificial teeth that are supposed to take the place. The implantation surgery does not consume time at all, but the healing of the jaw and gum might take up a considerable amount of months.

Tooth Replacement Options New Delhi

When there is more than one tooth missing from the jaw putting up plates everywhere might be a problem for the patients. So there are even a number of implant options or rather replacement options that can be adopted by the patients after consulting their doctor. The several options are:

Dental implant

This is the best type of implant that stands as a benchmark. It is according to these implants that the other implants are and replacement options are judged. It is the top recommendation of dentists because this option is the most natural looking, long lasting, and stable and most importantly it stimulates the bone to create an enclosure.

Tooth-supported fixed bridge

One of the most frequently used replacement option but is not worth it. This is because there is no implant to stimulate the bone underneath the tooth and just a bridge that damages the other teeth as well. So it is always better to consult the experts before opting for this replacement option.

Removable partial dentures

A removable Denture is as harmful as the fixed bridge. However, this option is also considered while doing a replacement. But one thing that the patient should keep in mind is that this replacement option might change your speech and way of chewing and even the smile. Further, this method has serious comfort issues as well and so is less recommended by the doctors.

Resin-bonded bridge

This type of bridge used in the implanting method is also called a Maryland-bonded bridge. In this method, there are certain wings, made up of porcelain that is implanted on each side of existing teeth. But this is not long lasting at all and rather can change the appearance in of the face totally.

Complete denture

It is a very pocket-friendly method of replacement but has many backlogs that are to be considered. They induce an awkward feeling in the mouth and creates an unnecessary clicking sound while one speaks or chew. Further, it affects the tooth bone badly and harms it so much that the bone structure might change permanently.

So it is necessary to check and discuss with the specialists before selecting any missing tooth replacement option. And for that Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India is the best place to be.



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