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Pain on Chewing

Pain on Chewing / Chewing Disorder Treatment

There are times when people face a problem with the movement of lower jaw like while chewing, yawning, and biting. This problem might be momentary and at the same time be permanent. If It is momentary then it is not supposed to be a matter of concern because it might be due to some excessive pressure while sleeping. But if it persists then it is the time that the person to consult the doctor and take the necessary medicines and other steps to be cured of it.

The causes of this problem can mainly be any kind of injury in the jaw area or arthritis and sometimes even due to the increased pressure that is unnecessarily given while Clenching Teeth repeatedly and unnecessarily or while chewing. The excessive pressure causes the cushion around the joint to corrode away and that is why the disorder called Temperomandibular Joint Disorders or TMD occurs. The pain on chewing has its cure in its early stage which is only possible when the causes and symptoms are detected in its early stage. So let us discuss elaborately about this chewing disorder.

Pain on Chewing Treatment New Delhi


Causes of pain on chewing

TMD is easily detectable after a group of symptoms appears and trouble our facial region. When all the associated symptoms start appearing, it causes this particular disorder. The exact etiological factor behind the occurrence of TMD disorder is yet a mystery but there are a number of factors that are responsible for the occurrence of this disease. The factor may be genetic, they may be anatomic or they may be even due to some hormonal misbalance in the body.

Following are discussed some of the factors which may cause pain while chewing are:

1. Trauma is one of the serious and main factors. If a person experiences some trauma and the mouth of the person remains open for a prolonged period of time, then there is a tendency of hyperextension of the jaws which in turn would cause TMD disorder.

2. Genetic factors can also cause this disorder. It is not always the fact that this dysfunction is passed from one member to the other, generation after generations. But it may occur due to the proneness to the disease.

3. Hormonal factors may be another reason for the occurrence of the disease. TMD occurs more among females. Research says that the female sex hormone estrogen is involved in the occurrence. Change in the rapid circulating levels of estrogen hormone is correlated with the cause. Lower levels of estrogen may trigger the pain to a much higher extent. Due to the increased level of estrogen, the pain increases much more.

4. TMD may be caused due to a different kind of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, osteoarthritis and other related bone disorders.

5. Clenching of jaws, gritting of teeth, nocturnal bruxism, various psychosocial factors like stresses are also some of the causative factors.

So it is necessary that the doctors should be consulted and necessary treatments related to the jaw joint should be performed. At Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India our doctors will give you the apt chewing disorder treatment so that you do not experience any pain on chewing ever again.



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