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A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root that is placed in one's jaw to hold the tooth or Bridge that has been restored. The implantation procedure is considered as a form of Cosmetic Dentistry. Full Mouth Dental Implants are opted by people who have lost a significant amount of tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, root canal failure, excessive wear and tear or congenital disease or some other reason.

Why is it important to get a full mouth dental implant?

Loss of a tooth or teeth affects one's food habits. It becomes difficult to chew well properly and this can have a negative effect on food habits leading to secondary problems like malnutrition. Also, the absence of teeth can make one self-conscious and they feel uneasy to talk or smile. The process of dental implantation provides people with the strength and security to have their favourite food without having to struggle daily due to biting irregularities. Dental Implants also stimulate and maintain jaw bone. The process prevents bone loss and helps to support facial features. Full teeth implants are used for people who have significant missing teeth or tooth loss.

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Types of full mouth dental implant

For patients with bridges or removable dentures, the Endosteal method of full dental implant is used. It is the most common method of the dental implant where these are surgically implanted directly into the jawbone and an artificial tooth or teeth is attached to the place individually or grouped on a bridge or denture.
Patients who are unable to wear conventional dentures and who have minimal bone height. These implants are made out of a metal framework which is attached to the gum tissue but above the jawbone. This implant is generally done when more than one tooth is missing from the same area of the mouth which is done for full mouth implants.

If you are missing all of your teeth, an implant-supported full denture can replace them. Implant supported full bridges are designed to be long-lasting and more comfortable than conventional Dentures. Also, they are easy to maintain and are more graceful. The other advantages of getting hybrid full mouth dental implant restoration are that efficiencies exist when working on both jaws at the same time which reduces the number of appointments and decreases the cost. The treatment takes about sixteen weeks time.

Consultation with Implantologist at Crystal Dental Centre

Before the implantation is carried out, it is important to consult your doctor if implantations are right for you. During this appointment, our doctors will examine your teeth and gums and evaluate bone density and quantity for which they may conduct X-rays or CT scans. Based on the condition of your oral hygiene and tissues, our doctors will advise you the required treatment and discuss every detail regarding it such as the time and cost of the treatment. If you have oral health issues, they will make sure that they first cure you of them to make the implantation successful. A smoker shall be asked to quit smoking as it can affect osseointegration the process by which a dental implant anchors to the jaw bones.

Care and maintenance

To ensure a long-lasting effect, one needs to follow several rules or rather take care of oneself as per the doctor's advice.
One must wear a night guard to protect their newly implanted teeth at night when often patients clench and grind their teeth.
Several restrictions on food must be maintained. Anything that requires crushing such as ice, hard candy, hard nuts, or tearing like tough bread, taffy, etc.
As per doctor's instructions, a daily oral hygiene must be maintained. Patients must visit their doctors every three to four months for regular cleaning and check-up of the restorations and the oral tissues.
If you need a dental transplant, visit and consult the experts at Crystal Dental Centre Delhi, India as they work with utmost care and dedication towards restoring the million dollar smiles of their patients.



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