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What is the zygomatic implant treatment?

Zygomatic dental implanting treatment is extremely beneficial for bone volume deficiency and in these cases, zygomatic treatment is considered to be an excellent alternative procedure to consider. Zygomatic dental treatment is basically an evidence-based prosthetic solution through the process of surgery and has been in practice for almost last twenty years. The zygomatic dental treatment is basically a two-stage approach conventional for Bone Grafting.

What is the procedure of the Zygomatic Implant treatment?

It has already been published from the year 2007, about the long-term high success ratio of zygomatic treatment through this two-stage procedure. In case of the entirely atrophied missing anterior bone also known as the maxilla, the entire procedure in these cases has been increased to the placing of two extra implants in each of the zygomatic bone. This procedure is done in a way of four properly distributed zygomatic implants a steady and permanent bridge is immediately loaded. This procedure is also known as the Quad zygoma approach.

zygomatic implants


Things to keep in mind

  1. The procedure and placement of the implant through this zygomatic procedure need proper and adequate  efficiency and expert surgical experience.
  2. Indication for the procedure of zygomatic treatment in case of implantation and insertion include a failed sinus    augmentation, failure of trauma, failure of previous bone grafts, failure of conventional Implants, rehabilitation    after the tumour resection and an alternative for sinus augmentation.
  3. In today’s time, the entire zygomatic treatment is usually done using a protocol of immediate loading.
  4. The pivotal indication for the need of zygomatic treatment is the highly resorbed maxilla, though they can also be    used in the different dentulous situation.
  5. These zygomatic treatments are a two-stage procedure providing prosthetic solutions.


In the general cases, the zygomatic implants are placed through the alveolar crest and maxillary sinus, using the zygomatic bone as the anchor. That is the reason visualisation is utterly necessary for the correct implant position. The Schneiderian membrane in these cases is lifted in an anterior direction.
Placements of the zygomatic bone should be done by an expert as this requires a lot of experience and surgical knowledge as this is a very complex procedure. The long drilling distance to the zygomatic bone is a very critical adjustment. Thus an adequate overview is required over the anatomical structure.
The success rate is extremely high as of the present times and the survival ratio of the zygomatic treatment is almost 95% after ten years of starting.

Types of Zygomatic Implants Treatment

  • Placement of four zygomatic implants after failure of previous treatment of implant.
  • Rehabilitation of the severely resorbed maxilla with implants.

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