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Bone Augmentation

For those who have a tooth or teeth missing, dental implantation is the most organic and esthetic option. While Dental Implants work and fiction as natural teeth, it is very important to consult a doctor before the implantation to find out if you have enough healthy bone to carry out dental implantation. Bone augmentation is the process which is carried out during the time of the implantation which the patient is not even aware of except the fact that it will take a few more minutes into the surgery.

Necessity for bone augmentation

Often with the loss of teeth, bones are lost as well. If a patient's jaw bone is too thin or soft to keep the implant in place in its current state, a bone augmentation is suggested by doctors. If the bone cannot support the implant, it may cause the implant surgery to fail. A bone grafting procedure enables to make the implant almost undetectable.

What causes bone insufficiency?

Natural bone insufficiency can be caused by -

Oral or other Gum Diseases
Defects in tooth development
Long-term wearing of Dentures
Injury or accident to face
Spaces left in mouth after removal of tooth

Techniques of bone augmentation

There are several techniques to rebuild bone, restore your natural jawline and smile, and provide a strong and sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth.

Bone Grafting - this process includes adding bone to the jaw by using your own natural bone from another location or by using the bone of a donor or synthetic bone materials. Bone is often available from within the mouth. Implants are grafted after the bone has become strong and fused and become integrated with the existing bone.

Dental Bone Grafting Delhi

Sinus lift - when the back teeth of the upper jaw are missing, the sinus cavity becomes larger over time and the natural bone degenerates. In such a case, bone is added below the sinus so that one or more implants can be grafted.

Ridge expansion - If the jaw is not wide enough for dental implants, the bone grafting method is added to a small space created along the top of the jaw. It can also be used to correct an unnatural or unimpressive jawline.

Care at home

It takes about four to six months for a dental bone graft to heal. It is very important for the patient to follow the doctor's advice to enhance the process of healing.
One must not touch the operated area or rinse the mouth immediately after surgery.
It is important to follow a diet as per doctors advice.
It is judicious to mostly drink fluids and avoiding food that needs your teeth function much. Avoid drinking using straws.
It is important to keep the mouth clean always.
One must be regular with the consumption of the prescribed medicines.
Come to Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India to get your bone grafting and implant done where the doctors carefully and with utmost care rebuild bone, restore your natural jawline and smile, and provide a strong and sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth.



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