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tooth colored fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings or Dental Fillings

Are you fed up of those braces and metal wires that show themselves and ruin your smile? Then go for something that is not visible or rather will camouflage itself with the tooth itself. Get rid of metallic fillings if you don’t like them with the help of the tooth coloured fillings or dental fillings. These fillings are growing in importance with each passing day as they increase the overall outlook of your smile.

Tooth Coloured Fillings in New Delhi

What are the benefits of tooth coloured filling?

The tooth-coloured filling has several advantages and some of them are explained below.

Do you like it when your colleagues notice your braces and make some comment about it? No, right? So that is what tooth-coloured fillings are for. They will merge with your teeth in such a way that you will not be able to differentiate them as a different entity.

When you attach Crowns or Bridges, you need some extensions which can hold them to your tooth. But these fillings don’t require any such extra material and the main reason behind that is that these fillings are attached to the tooth chemically. In other words, you do not need extra equipment for mechanical retention.

The bonding of these fillings is different and hence they can help to restore most of the strength of your original tooth which is not possible in other cases like crown or bridges.

Now that you know that these fillings are chemically attached to the teeth, you must be thinking that it is time-consuming to form such a bond. But the case is entirely different. The filling can perfectly bond with your teeth in seconds and harden itself.

These fillings can be replaced or repaired when any damage comes to them.

They do not lead to much sensitivity problems which happen in most other cases.

How are the tooth-coloured fillings placed in your mouth?

As you already know that tooth-coloured fillings are not attached by any extra types of equipment and are rather bonded to the teeth with the help of chemicals, the need for numbing the area or doing any anaesthesia is not required. However, there are certain cases when doing anaesthesia becomes necessary. One such case is when tooth decay spreads so much that it becomes successful in reaching into the dentin layer which is below the enamel and thus spreads around the nerves. First, the decay is removed after which an acid which acts as a primer is applied to the area where the filling is to be placed. This acid leads to the opening of pores in the dentin and enamel region. With these pores, the bonding agent is made to flow and then cured. After curing the tooth is filled with the filling material which fuses with the tooth in seconds.

Why choose Crystal Dental Centre for Tooth filling?

If you have a decay in your tooth, then Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India is the best place for you to do your treatment because of the trained professionals it has and its method of tooth-coloured filling involves the best facilities and doctors. Once you have put the filling you won’t ever feel ashamed to smile in front of everyone. Your teeth will be new as before.



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