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At Crystal Dental Centre, New Delhi we conduct Dental radiology tests for diagnosis of various problems. Our radiologists have years of experience and some of the tests that are conducted includes OPG, Lateral Cephalometry, 3D-CBCT, Dental X Ray and hand-wrist X-RAY. So, with these facilities available in our own centre, you don’t have to rush to other diagnostic centres to do your tests which will make it easier for you. So, read on to find out in which cases are these tests exactly needed.


OPG or an orthopantomogram is a type of X-Ray in which you will get a panoramic view of your entire jaws, bones and teeth. From this test, you will be able to identify how many teeth you have, their growth and even their position. So, if there is any abnormality in, it will be detected at once. The best part is than an OPG will show you an image of those teeth too which are still yet to surface and are present inside the gum. With the help of the OPG, the doctor will be able to identify if there is any problem in your jawbone or if you have any problem in your Temporomandibular Joint. If you are going to have an orthodontic treatment or a general assessment of your teeth or even inspection of your Wisdom Teeth, then an OPG is a must.

Dental Radiology in Delhi


Lateral Cephalometry

The lateral cephalometry is also an X-ray but the difference is that it shows the side of the face and in that single film you will be able to see the bones of your face and their contours. With the help of this X-ray precise measurements can be taken which will be extremely helpful in determining the patient’s bite and its nature.


3D-CBCT technology or 3D- cone beam computed technology is used when both OPG and lateral cephalography cannot help in predicting anything and are thus not enough. With the help of this test, you can easily get three-dimensional images of your soft tissues, bones, teeth and nerves of your dental structures. These reports can be used to detect if there is any problem in dentition or structure of your dental parts. With this test complex cases can be solved like diagnosis of TMJ, locating actual cause behind your dental pains, planning for surgery of impacted teeth, placing Dental Implants accurately, detecting if there is any jaw tumour and cephalometric analysis.

Hand-wrist X-Ray

At Crystal Dental Centre, Delhi you will also be able to do the hand-wrist X-Rays. These will help you to determine if you have had any fracture in the bones of your hand. These x-rays are very valuable to orthodontist as with their help he can determine what is the skeletal age of the child and thus plan his treatment accordingly. With this information, the doctor would also be able to tell the next growth spurt and thus his treatment plan will become easier.

So, at Crystal Dental Centre, India you will get the best equipments and so the results of all the radiology tests will be perfect. Moreover, you will get all these services within an affordable range and at a world-class standard.



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