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What is temporomandibular joint?


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ Treatment

Like many other joints in our body, there is a joint that connects the jaws to our skull. This is known as the temporomandibular joint. This joint acts as a sliding hinge that connects your jaws to your skull. There are two joints, each on either side of the face. This is perhaps one of the most complex joints in our body as it promotes the movement of our lower jaw, whether it’s forward or backward or even moving it sideways, all is possible because of this joint. It is a confluence of a complex system of muscles tied up with ligaments, discs and particular bones which enhances its functioning. So, any problem in this joint is known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. The effects of TMJ can be felt like a sense of popping or a clicking sensation or even a jaw lock. However, in most of the cases the real reason for TMJ cannot be determined, rather, it is hard to determine. There are a number of causes; some includes the malignment of your teeth or the jaws, Grinding of Teeth, bad posture immense stress and a classic case of arthritis and chewing of gum.

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There are various reasons for which you can be affected by TMJ. It can be any one of the following reasons, which includes genetics, jaw injury and as stated arthritis. There are a number of people who have Jaw Pain and also tend to clench their teeth. It must also be noted that people generally clench or grind their teeth as a matter of habit and they never develop any symptoms of TMJ. The pain in the joint muscle or your jaw can be of any other reasons, particularly different form TMJ.

However, you must be aware of the symptoms that pertain to TMJ in order to better judge the condition. These symptoms are related to TMJ, but this may also be because of some other problem. You must check with a doctor to make sure what you are suffering from. TMJ has a number of symptoms and signs. It is mainly difficult to judge TMJ as most of the symptoms are similar to other kinds of problems. Your Dental Doctor will be able to properly judge the condition by taking note of your dental history, other problems and X-rays.

Headaches, more of a kind of a migraine which is purported by earaches and a stinging pain blind the eyes and a sense of clicking and popping when you open or close your jaws can be due to TMJ. An irritating sensation, felt mainly at the point of the joint and whenever you open your jaws wide, like during yawning or while putting food inside your mouth, you feel a strong pain can also be attributed to TMJ. A well amount of tenderness at the jaw muscles as well as your jaw gets locked or stuck in an improper way often happens due to TMJ.

You must check with your doctor or your dentist to evaluate the situation and take proper treatment for the same.






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