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Migraines or Headache

Migraine / Chronic Headche Treatment

A migraine is a type of a chronic headache that is a result of changes in the brain. Severe pain in the head is the most common symptoms of a migraine. However, people also become sensitive to the most common issues like touch, light or even smell. But some people confuse themselves between normal headaches and migraines. You must be aware of one thing and that is, all migraines are headaches but not all headaches can be called migraines. Read on to find more about it.

Migraine Treatment New Delhi


What are the symptoms of a migraine?

Some of the common symptoms of a migraine are as follows:

As already stated above, a severe pain is felt and the pain usually occurs on one side of the head only. The pain can be moderate but most of the time, it is very severe.

The patient experiences nausea almost at all times and experiences vomiting too.

The patient becomes extremely sensitive to light and prefers to stay away from it.

The patient prefers a quiet place due to the increased sensitivity to sound.

Eye Pain is also experienced by the patients in case of migraines.

It has been noticed that any type of physical activity usually worsens the condition and increases the pain. Things like walking up the stairs seem very painful due to the increased pain.

Aura is another symptom that most patients with migraine experiences. It happens just before a headache begins. It is nothing but a visual disturbance and appears like lights have been flashed in your eyes.

What are migraine triggers?

There are certain things which are well known to increase a migraine headache and most importantly to start it. Those factors have been named as migraine triggers. Some of the migraine triggers are as follows:

There are various food products which are your sworn enemy when it comes to a migraine. These food products can instantly trigger a migraine and you fall into its clutches. So if you want to stay away from these food items, you have to know them first and these are red wine, preservatives particularly the ones used in smoked meats, aged cheeses, monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, dairy products and chocolates. The kind of preservatives generally used in smoked meats are nitrates.

Oversleeping is also one of the migraine triggers. Sleeping is both necessary and good for health but when you sleep beyond any limit, it can definitely do you harm and migraine are just one of them.

Stress is also an important factor when it comes to migraine triggers. Being too much tensed about things or worrying too much can exert too much pressure on your nerve cells and you are bound to experience a migraine.

Consuming too much of alcohol beverages can lead to migraines too. Having a sip or two would not do any harm but when you cannot control yourself that’s when you are harming yourself.

At Crystal Dental Centre New Delhi, India our doctors will diagnose you and give you the exact treatment schedule if you have a migraine. Once you follow it, you will no longer face a migraine in your life.



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