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Pain in Shoulders, Neck, Back, Behind the Eyes and in Teeth

Pain in the neck shoulders and back are very common phenomenon nowadays. People all over the world are suffering from these unavoidable symptoms. People face a lot of difficulty in carrying out their daily work. For some people taking heavy workload may prove too harmful.

Pain in the shoulders -

Pain in the shoulder may arise due to a wide range of factors, one of the main being spondylitis. It results due to taking up of the heavy load by the patient. TMJ disorder may be another reason for pain in shoulders. It is caused due to unbalanced movement of the jaws and skull. Often due to the misalignment of jaw bones, pain in the shoulders occurs. As a result of this pain, patients do face difficulty in carrying out the oral activities like chewing and biting. Sometimes talking and even breathing. Pain in the shoulder may also arise from a medical condition known as frozen shoulder. Movement in the shoulder is limited making the shoulders stiff. Apart from these, there are many other reasons for bursitis, tendon inflammation etc.

Pain in the neck-

A consequence of the TMJ Disorder is the pain in the neck. This is because the temporomandibular region is situated very close to the neck anatomically. The movement of the jaw is associated with the neck and thus while the muscles of the jaw are moving, the neck muscles move as well. Here again due to faulty movement of the jaw, one can face severe pain in the neck. Spondylitis is fully responsible for the Neck Pain. The symptoms are often characterized by stiffness of the neck, soreness and a pain that radiates down the spine and remains confined to a particular spot.

Pain in the back-

Back pain occurs mostly due to stress, structural and postural problems, narrowing of the vertebral column, degeneration of one or more vertebrae leading to further painful problems. Back pain is characterized by dull pain in the back, difficulty in standing upright, walking or doing any other movement.

Pain in the eyes-

Pain in the eyes are mostly due to a migraine but there is a wide range of other reasons which include infections, problems in the contact lens, glaucoma, invasion of any foreign substance, keratitis, blepharitis and many more. The most common symptoms of eye pain are running tears from the eyes, vision problem, twitching of eyes etc.

Pain in the teeth-

Bruxism is one of the prime causes of pain in the teeth during TMJ disorder. Bruxism is a condition of jaw locking or teeth grinding, mostly at night while sleeping. Malocclusion is another prime reason behind the occurrence of this disease. Due to inflammation of the TMJ disc, one can suffer from serious pain in the teeth. The other reasons for tooth pain may be decays and cavities which are most common among children. Sensitivity may be another cause leading to pain in the teeth. The symptoms of teeth problems are mostly bleeding gums which can only be treated by a visit to the dentist.


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