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Pterygoid Implants in New Delhi, India

Pterygoid that is located in the region of the sphenoid bone, implant insertion is an alternative method to avoid sinus-lifting or other grafting procedures to treat the posterior maxilla. These type of implants are especially used in partial toothlessness in order to avoid distal cantilevers. The placement of this implant requires surgical experience.
The cumulative survival rate over a 10 year period for Dental Implants placed in this particular region is reported to be 91%. The main reason for using pterygoid implants is the availability of dense cortical bone of the pyramidal process and the plate lying in the region of the inferior part of the sphenoid bone of the vertebrate skull.

Pterygoid Implants in New Delhi









Pterygoid Implants Indications:

The placement of implants can be challenging in the edentulous upper jaw due to the presence of limited bones and the presence of the maxillary sinus. Such implants present an alternative option to use the residual bone for implant anchorage and to overcome the need for augmentation procedures.
Clinical recommendations: The pterygoid implant is placed in the region of the former first or second maxillary molars and follows a direction that is diagonal and towards the hind end of the pyramidal process. The implant ultimately allows anchorage in the pterygoid fossa of the sphenoid bone.
In clinical reality, whenever pterygoid implants are described those are in reality tuberosity implants with an anchorage in the pterygoid plate and thus the difficulties faced during the treatments are very limited. As with every implant surgery, the preparation of the implant bed is the most significant task and that treatment planning should be performed with great attention to the scientifically anatomical structures and bone availability or quality.
Due to the presence of type III or IV cancellous bone in this region, this implant type with active cutting threads is preferable and is given its high primary stability in soft bone.

Pterygoid Implants Results:

These implants have high success rates, similar bone loss levels to those of conventional implants, negligible complications and difficulties, good acceptance by patients,this also eliminates the need of the grafting of sinus, the bone in the pterygoid area is cortical in nature and hence it is very strong and rigid enough to allow immediate loading with a permanent Crown in three days or so, flapless techniques are used too as it is, patients generally do not have any bleeding or swelling and they don’t need to stop blood thinners, and lastly a lifetime warranty is given as strong Single Tooth Implants are being used in strong cortical bones relating to the outer layer of the cerebrum.

Pterygoid Implants Clinical Implications:

Pterygoid implants are considered to be a feasible option for restoring the health of patients in harmony with the planned prosthesis, thus assuring the patient's speedy recovery.
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