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Multiple Dental Implants or Multiple Teeth Implants

Dental implants are no doubt a boon to mankind. With rigorous standards and the best doctors at Crystal Dental Centre, India we practice the best implant dentistry in the country. Losing teeth can bring quite an effect on the emotional well being of a person and cope with that, Dental Implants have played a very big role. They are the best solution as they can give you natural looking teeth and you will feel much better about yourself. Dental implants have given a completely new life to thousands of people. Multiple Dental Implants or Multiple Teeth Implants are referred when multiple teeth are missing.

Multiple Dental Implants in India

What does the entire process of getting Multiple Dental Implants include?

The entire process of getting yourself multiple tooth implants is enumerated below:

Firstly, you will have to consult your dentist and undergo an initial examination. During this process, the Dental Doctor will take images of your teeth. You will also be required to state your medical history along with specific dental records if any. Then, after analyzing your case, the dentist will discuss the treatment options that are open to you and plan the treatment procedure.

After that, your dental implants will be placed. These implants will do the work of supporting your replacement teeth. The temporary teeth can be placed as the dental implants will act to give additional support.

Sometimes people opt for the placement of abutments. These are nothing but a small extension of structures that are used to connect your replacement teeth on top and they are not mandatory. You can discuss with your dentist whether you need them or not.

Lastly, an implant-supported Bridge that is fixed or replacement teeth that are custom made is placed.

Multiple Front Tooth Implants

Front teeth, as you all know, are very important from the aesthetic point of view and are also the key point of a beautiful smile. At Crystal Dental Centre, Delhi our dentists will give you the perfect set of multiple front tooth implants so that you can get a beautiful smile for many more years to come. But the smile is not the only criteria because of which the front teeth are so dear to the patients. Front teeth play an important role in eating habits as well.

Multiple Back Teeth Implants

The main objective of restoring the back teeth is to restore functionality. The back teeth as you know as the molars and premolars are important when it comes to grinding your food. So if you want to chew your food just like you did before, getting a multiple teeth implant is very necessary.

At Crystal Dental Centre in New Delhi, India you will get a patient-centred approach from our side which will give you the best experience. We ensure that each treatment is carried out in an efficient and swift manner so that the patients do not face any sort of trouble. We will discuss with you to make the entire treatment and dental implant cost affordable and within your range. So, don’t waste your time when you lose your teeth and come to our clinic to be your old self again.



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