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Do you want a beautiful smile and get rid of those chipped and irregularly spaced teeth? Then veneers or dental laminates are the best option you have. Well, don’t worry as veneers will give you a completely natural look and it won’t appear that you have done anything to make your smile look beautiful. So if you want to know more about these wonderful things, then read on to find out.

What are veneers?

Veneers are made of composite resin or porcelain and are a type of thin shell that are tailor-made for every set of teeth. No matter how damaged or stained your teeth is, you can still get a beautiful Smile once you put the veneers. Well, apart from promoting the aesthetics of the teeth, veneers perform another function too and that is, it increases the strength of the teeth and promotes its resilience. If you are wondering how they will fit you, then you must know that they are made according to the measurements of your teeth and then they are made to bond with the enamel to keep them in place.

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How are veneers placed?

The procedure for placing veneers is explained in detail below:

    1. Performing an anaesthesia on the patient is not compulsory while placing veneers. But if the patient has too much of sensitivity problem then anaesthesia can be done. The dentist will begin with cleaning the tooth to choose the right colour of the veneer that is to be placed. To make room for the placement of veneer, a small portion of the enamel is removed.
    2. After that, a tooth impression will be taken which will be taken to the laboratory for further processing and your teeth will be covered by a temporary veneer.
    3. Now until the permanent veneer is made, you will have to continue wearing the temporary one. But when your dentist will get the permanent veneer, your temporary one will be removed instantly. After removal, with the help of water and pumice, the dentist will first clean your teeth. After this, the veneer is etched. Then it is thoroughly rinsed with water and then dried in air.
    4. After this, the adhesive is put on the area where the veneer will be placed. The moment the adhesive is put, the veneer is placed in position.
    5. A light curing is done for the veneer which lasts as much as 60 seconds so that it is firmly attached to the surface of the tooth.
    6. After proper attachment, if there is any excess material, then the dentist will remove and to add the final touch, he will polish your teeth.

Why choose Crystal Dental Centre for Dental Veneers?

Crystal Dental Centre is the place where you will get all information about veneers and about other Cosmetic Dentistry options. Placing veneers is not all. You must also know how to take care of them like daily flossing and brushing. But to maintain your veneers you need proper guidance and that is exactly what you will get at Crystal Dental Centre. Our professionals make sure that the veneers fit you perfectly and you get back your beautiful smile.


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