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Snoring Problem / Cervical Pain

At Crystal Dental Centre, we treat a number of problems which include snoring, sleep disorder, sleep apnoea, chronic headache, cervical pain, migraine, TMJ pain and clicking sound while opening your mouth. So if you think that you are facing any of the above mentioned problems, do not hesitate and come to Crystal Dental Centre, new delhi at once and our doctors will take care of the rest. And in case you are not sure about the symptoms of these problems or how they occur read on to find out.

Snoring Problem

The main reason behind snoring is a turbulent airflow that in turn lead to vibrating tissues in the narrow airway between the throat and the nose. The problems usually is present among family members although it can be a symptoms of any other problem lying beneath.

Snoring Problem Treatment in New Delhi

Cervical Pain

Cervical pain is nothing but neck pain and a feeling of stiffness in the neck. The feeling may arise due to any abnormality in the neck be it an inflammation or an injury. Sometimes it might result from your poor posture. Neck pain is very common in those who play contact sports and get hurt occasionally.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition is which the air cannot reach the lungs due to the presence of some obstruction when you are sleeping.  It will happen only when you are asleep and if you have it then you might have problems like daytime sleepiness and snoring and sometimes even headache.

Sleep disorder

A sleep disorder occurs when the normal circadian rhythm of a person goes out of balance and it may happen due to reasons like wrong working hours, jet lag, going to sleep late or even depression.

Chronic Headache

A chronic headache may appear as a symptom of a wide number of possible chronic cases some of which include meningitis, any inflammation in the brain, tumour or even a traumatic brain injury.


Migraine usually happens when there is some sort of physiological change inside the brain and this change may occur in response to anything be it hormonal or physical. Along with migraine headaches, the patients often face vomiting and a feeling of nausea.

TMJ Pain

A temporomandibular joint pain or TMJ pain is a condition is which you will feel a tenderness or pain in your jaw. Sometimes you may also feel an ache around your ears and have difficult in chewing your food. The pain usually occurs if the bones in the joint have shifted or eroded.

Clicking Sound while opening your mouth

A clicking sound while opening the mouth is usually heard when a person suffers from Temporomandibular Disorder. It might happen if there has been some problem while your jaws were growing or if you have any injury in your jaws.

So, if you have any of these problems then all you need to do is come to Crystal Dental Centre Delhi, India and our professionals will heed to your problems and cater to your needs. The technology used here for diagnosis and treatment is of world-class standards and our only aim is to treat out patients.




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