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We at Crystal Dental Centre understand how troubling your teeth problems can be. We have encountered innumerable patients and we can confidently claim that we have seen and experienced almost all kinds of dental problems. It is our years of experience that has build us to deal with anything that comes our way. We employ the best medical procedures that are imbued with the latest technology and provide the best care, to treat your dental problems. It is true that we have developed our centers with all the latest technologically proposed machines, so that when you come here you get the best dental; treatment in the whole medical world. We promise you that.

However, you may imagine that with such technically advanced dental centre, the cost of your treatment will also rise. It is our pleasure to say, with all due respect, that you are absolutely wrong! We do not just treat our patients, we consider each one who is coming to our facility as a part of our family and we won’t cheat on our family. We have designed all the treatments in such a way that you get the best dental treatment at the most affordable prices. Getting treatment for your dental problems should not cause you to think a number of times on the cost that you will have to bear. When you visit Crystal Dental Centre, be assured that you will get the best treatment at a fraction of the cost that you will have to pay somewhere else. It is for this reason many of our not-well-to-do patients choose us. They get the world class facility, yet they pay a negligible amount, because we care for you more than material gains.

But this may not be an effective step for many of our customers. We always take your plea seriously and try to implement that is possible for us. So keeping in mind some of our customers who feel it is difficult to pay the cost of their dental treatment, we have introduced a fantastic and one of a kind EMI on Treatment. EMI or equated monthly installment is something that you have heard of in home loans, car loans and education loans and as such, but it is us at Crystal Dental Centre, who have brought this to you in the field of dentistry. We firmly believe that no patient should have to stay away from their needed treatment, just because they can’t pay the cost right now. It is not at all humane and goes against the fraternity of doctors. So we have introduced EMI procedures, following which you can pay your bill in monthly installments.

With so many affordable opportunities, we hope that you won’t think about the cost, next time you visit Crystal Dental Centre. You should never worry about receiving a treatment. When you are under treatment, the nervousness that you go through is enough on your health. We don’t want to worry you more with silly stuffs like costs and payment. Just come here, relax and get your treatment done.

Join us in our bid towards a digitised cashless INDIA. #GOCASHLESS


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