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Invisible Braces And Aligners

Invisible Braces /  Teeth Aligners / Ceramic Braces

Do you want to straighten your teeth and get a beautiful smile? The first thing that everyone thinks about when it comes to aligning teeth is braces. But it is not always necessary that you have ugly wires holding your teeth. That is what invisible braces and aligners are for. And at Crystal Dental Care, New Delhi your invisible braces will be put perfectly on you.

Invisible braces in new delhi

What are invisible braces and aligners?

As you can understand from the term itself, invisible braces and aligners are the perfect alternative to visible and ugly braces. They can treat varied dental problems including crowded teeth that are misaligned, overbite and crooked teeth. So if you are having any of these problems and you want an aesthetic solution to your problem then what else can be better than invisible braces and aligners. But it is always advised that invisible braces be put only on adults, that is, on people who don’t have their baby teeth anymore.

What are the types of invisible braces and aligners?

There are basically three types of invisible braces and aligners and those are as follows –

    1. Ceramic braces : They are made of such materials that are not as strong as their metal counterpart and thus can be easily broken. However, they are larger in size than the metal brackets. They are attached with the help of small ligatures and they cannot be removed once worn. Because of the color of the ceramic braces, they can easily camouflage with your teeth and become non-noticeable. This will give you an increased self-esteem and you will not think twice before smiling.
    2. Inside braces : These braces are attached to the teeth but not in front. Instead they are attached behind the teeth so no one can see them. Custom brackets are made with the help of a computer design which are attached to the inside portion of your teeth.
    3. Clear aligners : Clear aligners are transparent and removable aligners that can give you an aesthetic Smile. These aligners are custom made and will fit you perfectly. They do not require much adjustment and hence they do not lead to much discomfort. Apart from all these qualities, they are also minimally invasive. These are very much recommended for those who prefer flossing after meals as they can easily be removed when you want to. Moreover, you can clean them easily and there is no hassle in that. They will never cause any irritation or Gum Disease. One more important advantage of clear aligners is that they prevent any grinding of teeth.

Why choose Crystal Dental Care for your treatment?

If you want a fabulous smile, then Crystal Dental Care is the place to be. Our professional will help you overcome all obstacles that are preventing you from getting a smile that you long for. From putting braces to curing dental problems, you will get all solutions in our clinic. Not being able to smile freely can affect your mental health and you might lose your self-confidence. If you don’t want these things to happen, then come to Crystal Dental Care today and get your custom made braces.



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