H.E, Mr. Hamid Karzai. Former President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan visited the Centre and was pleased to see truly international standards of services at the Crystal Dental centre.

H. E. Mr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali Visited Crystal Dental Centre on 7th November 2014 and inaugurated the “Embassy Month” at the Centre. This Excellency appreciates the team of doctors and the international standards of quality and hygiene at the Centre.

LI General Vimal Arora (P.V.S.M, A.V.S.M, V.S.M), Director General Dental Services and Dental Gurgaon to the President of India visited the Centre. He was impressed by the State-of-the-Art infrastructure and world class services.

Lalit Pandit Music Director

Mr. Suresh Nanda, Chairman of Claridges Group visited the Centre and released the “Patient Education Booklet” published by Crystal Dental Centre.

Promod Rampal ( Music Composer & TV Artist )

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