Neck and Postural Pain

Neck Pain Treatment

It isn't always under stress and busy schedules that one suffers from neck and back pain. It is because of one's daily habits and ignorance towards every mother's suggestion to sit up straight. Incorrect posture is a major cause of all the neck, back and Shoulder Pains.

Posture is the state of muscle and skeletal balance and alignment that protects the supporting structures of the body from progressive deformity and strain. Incorrect postures increase staring on muscles, ligaments and are a vital cause of neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment in New Delhi


The neck and the skull sitting on top of the spine. The head's position becomes crooked with the curvature of the skeleton causing a considerable amount of neck aches, pains and Chronic Headaches.


When the muscles that make up the neck are strained becomes tight, causes severe neck, head and backache.

The alignment of the spine is completely off when one slouches while sitting. The forward pull of the head puts the undue stress of vertebrae of the lower neck. The position accompanied by forwarding shoulders and around upper back not only adds to the neck problem but gives rise to shoulder pain.

Wearing high heels for a prolonged period or excessive weight around the belly or pregnancy causes in one what is called the "Donald Duck " Posture where one's bottom sticks out.

A flat back causes the neck and head to bend forwards, which can cause neck and upper back strain.

Leaning on one leg while standing may over time cause muscle imbalance around pelvis area causing muscular strain in the lower back.

Hunching over one's keyboard while working feeds to the neck and posture problem.

Poking one's chin up to reach to the computer screen that is placed at a higher level while sitting low causes the back to hunch as a result the back and neck start to pain.

Cradling on the phone, that is, holding the phone handset between one's ear and shoulder places strain on the muscles of the neck, upper back and shoulders.


Rounded shoulders


Bent knees when standing or walking

Head that either bends forward or backward

Muscle fatigue

Body ache


Sleeping on the back helps to correct posture and reduce pain.

Make sure that the computer monitor is at your eye level.

Avoid neck strain by cutting down on hours that you spend on the phone texting or otherwise.

Use a headset if you have to talk for long hours on the phone instead of crawling on the phone.

Carry weight evenly on both shoulders.

Stretch your neck and exercise.

Maintain supportive posture.

In case one suffers from chronic neck pain, must consult the doctor to identify other causes adding to body, head and neck pain. Doctors will diagnose the exact problem and help cure you of the exact complication. Once you come to Crystal Dental Centre New delhi, India our doctors will help you out in dealing with the problem.



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