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Don't Be Over Anxious About Root Canal Therapy

Don't Be Over Anxious About Root Canal Therapy

Authored by Dr. ABHIMANYU CHATURVEDI Posted On 31/05/18

Do you experience enormous amount of dental pain while biting and chewing the food? Does the pain restrict you from consuming sufficient food required for your health? If yes, it is high time you consult a dentist and get things sorted out. We are so much unconcerned about the wellbeing of our teeth. Please bear in mind that the hygiene of teeth is as important as the health condition of other parts of your body. So don’t you think that badly infected tooth of yours needs to be repaired very soon by an expert dentist, preferably an endodontist? There is an array of dental clinics seen around in the national capital of our country. Unfortunately, it is, of course, a difficult task to find out the best of the lot. But if you ask people around, they would definitely recommend Crystal Dental Care for root canal therapy in New Delhi. The clinic is run by Dr. Abhimanyu Chaturvedi, the Chief Dental Surgeon. He, along with his team of expert dentists, offer top-notch dental care for everyone who seeks out their dedicated service.


Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals are done when the tooth decays so badly and saving the tooth becomes mandatory. When the soft tissue named pulp seen in the central portion of the tooth seems to be affected, you have to go for root canals. It contains blood vessels and connective tissues facilitating the growth of the root of the tooth. The causes of tooth damage are infection as a result of the accumulation of plaque in the tooth and losing of tooth due to accidents, injury etc.


How is Root Canal Therapy carried out?

A local anesthesia is given to the affected tooth. An opening is drilled onto the tooth till the pulp chamber. Then the dead tissue (pulp) is removed by the endodontist followed by the cleaning of the chamber using disinfectants. With the aid of gutta-percha, the canals are filled and sealed. Then, a cap-like structure/crown is kept above the tooth in such a way that it does not look artificial. Later the crown is cemented for a reason that it does not dislocate.


Advantages of Root Canal Therapy

  • Minimally invasive
  • Eliminates spread of infection and promotes healing
  • Saves a decaying tooth from extraction.

Many myths run around root canal procedure establishing the misconception that root canals have to be avoided as it would not be good for one’s health. Not at all. For the dental health, root canals are essential. In a few sittings, the root canal therapy can be done. Besides, this is a less painful and of course, effective mechanism. It is seen that after the root canal therapy, the teeth become brittle because of the lack of water content. To resolve the issue, doctors highly recommend fixing a dental crown, so that with the treated tooth, chewing becomes an easier process.

With less cost and pain, Crystal Dental Care renders the best root canal therapy in Delhi, India. The root canal therapy procedures done here are efficient and the results are permanent.

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