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Smile Confidently With Full Mouth Dental Implants

Smile Confidently With Full Mouth Dental Implants

Authored by Dr. ABHIMANYU CHATURVEDI Posted On 05/04/18

Full Mouth dental implants are growing day by day, as it provides a bright and presentable smile to the individuals face. Full Mouth dental implant is a type of cosmetic dentistry and associated with the appearance of teeth and smile of an individual. Crystal dental centre is one of the best places in New Delhi to perform full mouth dental implants. Dr. Abhimanyu Chaturvedi at Crystal dental centre, New Delhi is an excellent and reliable doctor for treating full mouth dental implants.


What is Full Mouth dental implant?

Full Mouth dental implant is a method to optimize the wellness and health of the whole mouth which includes the teeth, the gums, and the bite. The procedure includes multiple restoration methods to restore or rebuild all the teeth in both lower and upper jaws. Full mouth dental implant is ideal for the dental problems such as

 * Tooth decay or mouth injury

 * Fractured or injured teeth

 * Badly worn teeth

 * Having pain in jaws, muscle, and head


Types of full mouth dental implants

Full Mouth dental implant uses certain methods, which depend on person’s dental condition and preferences. The procedure replaces teeth that are similar to the natural teeth both in appearance and functioning, without troubling the adjoining teeth. Full Mouth dental implant methods are

Endosteal method- it is used for the patients with removable dentures or bridges

Metal framework dentures- it is used when a person is missing more than one teeth from the same area and not able to wear conventional dentures and have a minimum bone height

Implant-supported full denture- when a person missing all teeth, an implant-supported full denture can replace them.

Benefits of full mouth dental implants

Full Mouth Dental implants provide many benefits such as improved looks, speech, oral health, comfort and helps in eating properly and most importantly gives a beautiful smile on people faces.

Crystal dental centre,the top dental centre in New Delhi is the place that offers advanced techniques and treatment options with a team of expert doctors. The centre has all the modern techniques and equipments to treat best dental implants in New Delhi. They provide the best full mouth dental implants in India.

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